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A Workout Finisher for Every Body Part

Regardless of what kind of workout you've got planned, here's a finisher for every body part.

Workout finishers have two-fold benefits, the first is that they tap into and fatique muscle fibers that might have been left undertrained during a workout session. And secondly, they're a lot of fun to do. Excessive blood flows into to your muscles and throughout your body, your drenched in sweat and slightly winded - the signs of a successful finisher. If you're itching for that pumped-up feeling, here's one solid finisher for each body part.


The Stretch and Press Chest Finisher

Move One: High Cable Flye, 15 reps


Move Two: Low Cable Flye, 15 reps


Move Three: 135lb Barbell Bench Press [load barbell with one-25 lb. plate and two-10lb. plates] rep out to failure and strip the first pair 10s off, rep to failure, then strip the second pair of 10s off.


Move Four: Push Ups, rep to failure

Rest: 2 minutes
Repeat: 1-2 more sets

- Mike Simone, Associate Editor, and owner of HUMANFITPROJECT.

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