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A Workout Finisher for Every Body Part

Regardless of what kind of workout you've got planned, here's a finisher for every body part.


The 3-2-1 Row Finisher 

"Too often the rowing machine sits in the corner of the gym collecting dust. That’s unfortunate because it can be one of the most powerful conditioning tools on the cardio floor. Give the rower some much deserved love by completing this finisher (though you may not be feeling the love by the end of the workout)."

> 500 meter row

Rest 3 minutes

> 300 meter row

Rest 2 minutes

> 200 meter row

Rest 1 minute

> 100 meter row

Dan Trink, Director of Personal Training Operation at Peak Performance NYC and owner of TrinkFitness.



Growth Factor 9 by NovexBiotech

Human Growth Hormone or HGH, is a naturally produced hormone in the body with a variety of benefits including; increased lean muscle mass, a boosted metabolism, faster recovery time, more strength and improved endurance.




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