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The 30-Minute Abs Workout

Got 30 minutes, three times a week? Follow Lukas Proke's workout for a belly-busting, torso-tautening, molded-in-steel midsection.

Floor Work without Weights

Move 1:
Step 1 Lie flat on floor, right leg straight out, left leg bent at 90° angle, foot on floor.
Step 2 Place right hand lightly behind head. On exhale, bring elbow to left knee.
Step 3 Do 10 reps, switch sides for 10 more, then:

Move 2:
Step 1 Lie flat on floor with both knees at 90°, feet flat on the floor.
Step 2 Keeping arms straight at sides, crunch forward, exhaling on way up.
Step 3 Do 10 reps.

Repeat both moves above in order two more times.




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