8 Best Protein Powders For Vegetarians and Vegans

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8 Best Protein Powders For Vegetarians and Vegans

Want to build mass without the meat? Here, experts weigh in on the top protein supplements for gym-going men who follow plant-based diets.

120 calories; 4g fat; 7g carbs; 13g protein per 30g serving

Derived from the hemp seed, this protein-rich plant source offers a complete amino acid profile, plus it’s highly digestible—meaning it’s a smart pre-gym supplement that won’t cause stomach issues during your workout. But hemp’s fat and calorie content can be on the high side, so if your goal is to cut, you might want to opt for whey or casein powder, says Jim White, RD, ASCM, HFS, a dietitian and spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. (And for those not cutting? White says not to worry—it’s all healthy omega-3s and omega-6s.)

Try This One: Living Harvest Tempt (16.26 for 16 oz; vitaminnshoppe.com)


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