8 Best Protein Powders For Vegetarians and Vegans

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8 Best Protein Powders For Vegetarians and Vegans

Want to build mass without the meat? Here, experts weigh in on the top protein supplements for gym-going men who follow plant-based diets.

80 calories; 0g fat; 2g carbs; 17g protein per 21g serving

Brown rice protein isn’t a complete protein by itself, meaning you need to buy a powder that contains enhanced amino acids—or you need to pair it with something, like tofu, quinoa or beans, that will round out the nutrients you need. Still, it has it’s own unique benefits. “It’s high in fiber, gluten-free, lactose-free and full of B vitamins, which help out with muscle metabolism and growth,” says White. Bonus: Brown rice protein is labeled as hypoallergenic, so it’s less likely to irritate your system or cause an allergic reaction.

Try This One: Sun Warrior ($48.95 for 2.2 lbs; sunwarrior.com)


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