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Bodyweight Workout Bars for Your Backyard

Build a better body anywhere with these five full body parallette bar exercises.
Bryan Hoybook

Gymnasts are some of the strongest, most powerful athletes on the planet. Parallette bars, or smaller versions of the parallel bars, which gymnasts train with, are a perfect add-on to your at-home gym.

For about $50 you can buy a pair of wooden parallettes. Aluminum bars are a bit more expensive, but you can also construct some cheaper ones out of PVC pipe. The key benefit to using parallettes for body-weight strength training is that you are elevated off the ground, which allows for a deeper range of motion during many common movements. Listed from easiest to hardest, here are five parallette exercises to help you get the body of a gymnast:


Begin with your elbows locked out, and feet on the ground. Lower your hips toward the floor, then press back up. Make it harder by elevating your feet on a bench or a medicine ball. Perform 5 sets of 10-12 reps.



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