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Built for Battle Workout

Get in warrior shape with our one-kettlebell MMA conditioning circuit

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Whether or not you follow mixed martial arts (MMA), you've seen the athletes and know they are ripped, strong, and extremely durable. You can get the same build without getting punched in the nose. Our Warrior Workout is used by MMA competitors to build endurance, fight-specifi c strength, and to burn fat before a match—and it requires only a single kettlebell (or dumbbell). Do it, and you'll soon be fighting fit.

Perform the workout one to two times per week. You can do a heavier-weight workout on the days in between.

Time Needed
15 minutes

Do It
Perform as a circuit, completing one set of each exercise n succession. Do as many reps as you can for 25 seconds, then take five seconds to rest and go to the next exercise. Good form is essential&mdashl;don't let yours break down. Go all out until you complete the circuit. It should take about five minutes&mdashl;the length of an MMA fight round. Rest as needed between circuits the first week, but shorten your rest periods as you improve. When you get down to a one-minute rest, you should have ring-ready abs! Repeat the circuit three times. Beginners, do only one circuit initially, then add a round every week until you can do three.

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