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Circuit Breaker Workout Routine

Day 1 Exercise 3a

Snatch Grip Rack Deadlift (Not Shown)

Sets: 3-5, Reps: 6 Set up as you would to deadlift only do so in a power rack, resting the bar on the safety rods at about two inches below your knees. Move your hands wide to about double shoulder width. Extend your hips and stand up, pulling the bar to in front of your thighs.

Day 1 Exercise 3b

Alternating Dumbbell Bench Press (Not Shown)

Sets: 3-5, Reps: 6 Holding one dumbbell over your chest, lower the opposite one to your side. Press it up and then lower the other hand.

Day 1 Exercise 3c

Dumbbell Lunge (Not Shown)

Sets: 3-5, Reps: 6 Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold a dumbbell in each hand. Step forward with one leg and lower your body until your front thigh is parallel to the floor.

Day 1 Exercise 3d

Inverted Row

Sets: 3-5, Reps: 6 Lie underneath a bar so you’re hanging above the floor (you can set one up in a power rack or use the bar in a Smith machine) and grab it with an overhand, outside-shoulder-width grip. Allow your body to hang beneath it. Now squeeze your shoulder blades together and pull yourself straight up.