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Eyes on the Prize

As much as you tell people that you go to the gym to stay young, feel great, and keep your blood pressure in check, you're not kidding anybody-you want to get laid as much as is humanly possible, and you've noticed that guys who sport bodies carved out of granite do pretty well for themselves in that department. We've noticed, too. That's why we put together a master plan for pumping up all the trophy muscles you love to show off­ and the ladies love to look at. Use the following as a guide to bigger arms, a buff­er chest, chiseled abs, a rock-hard butt, and broader shoulders. Fortunately, taking our workout advice will also improve your health along the way, but it's your sex life that will be in the best shape ever.

Master the chinup | It's the best arm-building exercise there is, bar none. What's that about curls? Curl exercises have their place, but chinups allow you to lift more weight (think about it: a 40-pound dumbbell vs. your whole body)-and lifting more is the greatest contributor to muscle gains. To build bigger biceps, perform some variation of the chinup at least once per week. We like this one: Drape a towel over the bar and grab an end in each hand. Hang so that your palms face each other. Now pull yourself up as normal. The towel makes for a greater challenge to your gripping muscles, which will spur growth in your forearms as well as your biceps.

Tuck your elbows | When you bench press, take a narrow grip (so that your hands are about shoulder-width apart) and pull your elbows in close to your sides-as opposed to letting them point straight out away from your body. Keeping this tighter position will allow your triceps to take on more of the load, and that emphasis will make them grow. You'll also be in a biomechanically stronger position, which means you can lift more weight.

Keep constant tension | Everyone does lying triceps extensions to isolate the tris, but almost no one gets the full benefit from the exercise. Start with the bar directly over your forehead when your arms are extended, rather than directly over your chest as most lifters do. Maintain the position as you lower the bar behind your head for your reps. Keep your arms at this angle to your body to force your triceps to fully engage throughout the exercise; the other version allows the bones of your arms to bear the weight in the up position (denying your muscles their rightful load).


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