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Five-Tool Baseball Player Workout

The MLB workout that will make you a baseball jack-of-all-trades.

After one near lockout (the NFL) and one semi-lockout (the NBA), the 2012 Major League Baseball season is finally upon us. No need to sweat this one out folks; all 30 MLB teams are ready to play ball. While offensive numbers are down across the board in this new “era of the pitcher,” baseball’s modern-day hitter has still advanced a good deal in recent years. When assessing the perfect position player, the term “five-tool” is commonly thrown around among scouts, general managers, fantasy baseball dorks, you name it.

A five-tool player, of course, is an athlete with elite speed, who can hit for average and power, while also possessing great fielding ability and arm strength. These are overlapping skills indeed, but let’s just say that Babe Ruth, widely considered the greatest to ever play the game, was far from a five-tool guy. In a historical context, it wasn’t until Willie Mays that a superstar player emerged with every skill in the book. Since then, players like Ken Griffey Jr., Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriguez have all thrown their names into the discussion of the greatest all-around talents to ever step on the diamond. For any young emerging player, striving to obtain the five tools is certainly a way to get a leg up on the competition. Just remember, it isn’t attainable for everyone. “Honestly, it takes a rare breed for it to happen,” says Leslie Eddins, who served as personal trainer to catcher Jason Varitek during his entire career with the Boston Red Sox. “Still, training is so much different today than it used to be. Players put so much work into the offseason, you could just tell at spring training. If you apply yourself in the offseason, you will get results.” And by applying yourself, Eddins means engaging in the necessary training drills it takes to get the required skills.

So before you’re ready to proclaim yourself the next Jacoby Ellsbury or Justin Upton, here are tips and drills for all five of the illustrious tools, compliments of a pro trainer who’s seen his fair share of talent in the bigs. Grab your bat and glove, and get ready to evolve your game…

The Workouts:


Tool 1

Tool 2

Tool 3

Tool 4

Tool 5

Tool 6
(The secret weapon)