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Five-Tool Baseball Player Workout

The MLB workout that will make you a baseball jack-of-all-trades.

Being Above Average (Hitting for average)

“Hitting for average is probably one of the most beneficial tools, because in order to score runs you must get on base,” says Eddins. “Being able to hit to all fields and having excellent pitch selection at the plate is crucial. Most players with a high average hit the ball hard and often.” To be a great gap hitter, balance training along with core work is the recipe to that sweet stroke. The exercise combo of choice is singe leg/single arm rows coupled with kneeling cable chops. For the rows, hold the dumbbell opposite to your planted leg and bend over in a 45-degree angle with your other leg straight out. Slowly bring the dumbbell straight up and then down, while balanced. For the cable chops, start with one knee up and the other knee on the ground with the top of the planted foot flat. Squeeze your glutes (it helps stretch your hip flexors), and pull the cable (on your kneeling side) to your chest, elbows to the side, and extend the tricep. Bent over single leg/single arm rows with kneeling cable chops x 3 sets Red Sox first baseman Adrian Gonzalez also offers a tip to perfecting your swing. "Just hit off the tee," he says of his personal favorite drill. "It’s the most underrated thing you can do, and it’s the best thing you can do to improve your swing." Back to the Five-Tool Baseball Player Workout >>