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Forrest Griffin's Extreme Workout

How the UFC's Light Heavyweight Champ prepares for a fight

Many mixed martial arts experts doubted Forrest Griffin's chances at UFC 86, but all agreed that he would not be outworked. In a sport filled with gym rats, no one is more enamored with training than the 29-year-old former cop. He usually puts in three workouts per day during the week. Here's a look at what the new champion does to prepare for a fight:

Morning: 30 minutes of boxing practice against mitts, 90 minutes of light wrestling/jiu-jitsu moves
Afternoon: Wrestling practice
Evening: Strength and conditioning exercises (see the moves here), plus 30-minute run on the treadmill

Tuesday and Thursday
Morning: 60 minutes of light wrestling/jiu-jitsu moves
Afternoon: Simulates UFC fight with hard sparring
Evening: 60 minutes of plyometric exercises

Morning: 60 minutes of boxing practice
Afternoon: Practices wrestling and jiu-jitsu moves
Evening: Repeat Monday evening's workout

Morning: Same as Monday morning
Afternoon: "Shark tank" wrestling practice, an hour-long drill in which he'll wrestle one guy for a minute and see a new guy continually jump in
Evening: Does five "five-minute rounds" on a treadmill at 10 mph with a minute's rest in between

Morning: Gantlet workout, which includes weighted running drills on steps and dragging a sled
Evening: Simulates UFC fight with hard sparring

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