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Get Big: Mass-Building Missteps

The five biggest reasons you're not packing on the pounds.

2. Caloric Deficiency

Nutrition is a huge hurdle for any guy looking to pack on some size. There's a constant battle between quantity and quality. For some, the fear of adding additional fat while packing on mass prevents them from eating enough calories to see the desired gains. Nate Green, coach of the Scrawny to Brawny program, points out that there is a big difference in eating "a lot" versus eating "enough". Eating enough produces results whereas eating a lot is based on perception. In order to pack on size, guys should be eating enough calories to cause the number on the scale to go up. As far as quality of food, don't resort to packs of cookies and cakes. Keep the bulk of your diet reserved for quality sources of protein, vegetables, fruits, and carbohydrates. Sprinkle in some occasional cheat meals and high-calorie splurges to spur gains and avoid plateaus in weight gain.

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