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Get Jacked 'X-Men' Style Like Hugh Jackman

The Wolverine physique displayed in the movie franchise is iconic. The program to get it is simple.

Day 5

1. DEADLIFT - Sets: 4, Reps: See Table, Rest: 150 sec.

Stand with feet at hip width and bend down to grasp the bar outside your knees. Take a deep breath and drive through your heels to lift the bar, keeping your lower back flat. Come up until you’ve locked out your hips and knees.

2. ROMANIAN DEADLIFT - Sets: 4 Reps: 10, Rest: 60 sec.

Hold the bar at shoulder width. Bend your hips back and lower your torso as far as you can without losing the arch in your lower back. Allow your knees to bend as needed. Extend your hips to come back up.

3. ZERCHER SQUAT- Sets: 4, Reps: 12, Rest: 60 sec.

Set up a barbell low enough in the squat rack that you can reach your arms under it and let it rest in the bend of your elbows. Cup one hand over the other and, keeping your lower back arched, lift the bar out of the rack. Stand with your feet outside shoulder width and turned out about 45 degrees. Keeping your chest up, squat as low as you can. Increase the weight you use each set.

4. WEIGHTED INCLINE SITUP - Sets: 4, Reps: 10, Rest: 60 sec.

Set an adjustable bench to a slight decline and set up on it holding a weight plate behind your head. Perform a situp.

5. BARBELL LAND MINE- Sets: 4, Reps: 10 (each side), Rest: 60 sec.

Wedge one end of a barbell into the corner of a room and load the other end. Grasp it with both hands and twist to one side explosively. Then twist to the other.

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