How to Get Jacked Like a Superhero

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How to Get Jacked Like a Superhero

How the stars got in superhero shape to star in this summer's biggest blockbusters.


Tatum reprises his action hero role as Captain Hauser in this sequel to the hit original, which surprised many with its $300 million worldwide gross. Here, we find the various "Joes" uniting to take on the villainous Cobra spy Zartan, who's had many of Hauser's colleagues assassinated. Much ass-kicking appears to go down and there are plenty of big explosions to run away from, so Tatum needed to be in peak form to survive it all.

How He Did It:
Tatum, a former male stripper whose own real-life back story is largely the inspiration for Steven Soderberg's upcoming man flesh extravaganza Magic Mike, is well-known for being famously in shape. To get even more solid and strong for the G.I. Joe franchise, the actor adopted a strict three-day on, one-day off workout cycle of intense calisthenic-based (think simple, often rhythmic exercises aimed at increasing strength and flexibility) full-body workouts lasting about 30 minutes each. It's a workout that lets the busy actor knock his resistance and cardiovascular training out of the park in one quick swing. He opted away from machines, choosing instead to focus on dumbbells, a medicine ball and a jump rope for his routine. While maintaining his schedule, Tatum does vary his regimen to avoid muscle adaptation and incorporates fight-based workouts when he is preparing for roles.


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