How to Get Jacked Like a Superhero

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How to Get Jacked Like a Superhero

How the stars got in superhero shape to star in this summer's biggest blockbusters.


Renner takes the reins on the Bourne franchise from Matt Damon, whose three star turns as Jason Bourne grossed a combined $527 million in the U.S. Renner plays a new CIA operative, Aaron Cross, who gets caught up in the dark and threatening plot that pursued Bourne through the first three films. The movie is not based on Robert Ludlam's book of the same name, as the original Bourne films were, and is being touted as a reboot of the franchise. As usual with the films, it looks like we can expect some serious fight and chance sequences.

How He Did It:
Like Damon before him, Renner dove straight into martial arts, boxing and hand-to-hand combat training for his role. Already in fighting condition having shaped up the old fashioned way (a consistent mix of weight training, cardio and eating right) for his roles in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and The Avengers, Renner took to his martial arts training … hard. "Judo throws," Renner told a Details magazine reporter during an interview when asked about his raw, gnarled fingers, which the writer described as looking "like melted wax." Hey, no pain, no gain!


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