How To Do It:
Choose a cardio activity and get to any equipment you need in order to do it. For example, you can run on a treadmill or track, use an exercise bike, or jump rope. Warm up with light activity (such as a jog, or light pedaling if you're on the bike) for five minutes. Now up your intensity so that you're working at near maximum effort for 25 seconds. If you're on a treadmill, for instance, this would be a sprint.

Next, stop and perform one set of two exercises back-to-back. Use 30%-50% of the greatest load you can lift for one rep on each exercise, and perform 10 reps for each. Immediately afterward, resume the cardio activity you started with. That's one interval. Perform nine total intervals. After the fi rst three intervals, reduce the duration of the cardio segment to 20 seconds for the remaining intervals. After every third interval, you'll change the weight-training exercises you do. See the tables on the next pages for the order of exercises.

Intervals Exercises
1 - 3 Cable reverse fly, triceps puushdown
4 - 6 Incline dumbbell clean, dumbbell shrug
7 - 9 Barbell upright row, bentover row

Exercise I: Cable Reverse Fly

Intervals: 1-3

Attach a D-handle to the high pulley of two facing cable stations. Grab the one on your right with your left hand and vice versa, so that your arms cross over your chest [1]. Keeping your torso upright, open your arms straight back behind you so that the cables form an "X" in front of your chest [2]. Slowly reverse the motion to return to the starting position. That's one rep.


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