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Hurricane Training: Category V

How To Do It:
For these workouts, you'll need some unorthodox equipment such as a long rope, sandbag and tractor tire. Do your best to acquire this equipment, as no substitutes will provide quite the same effect (check your local tire shop for an old tire-it doesn't need to be in good shape to get you in good shape).

Perform your cardio activity as described in the previous categories, but increase the duration of your near maximum effort to 30 seconds for the cardio segment in your first three intervals. For intervals 4-6, reduce the cardio segment to 25 seconds, and then to 20 seconds for intervals 7-9. Between bouts of cardio, you'll perform weight-training exercises just as you did before-use the exercises in the Category 5 table. Just as before, you'll switch the exercises you use after every third interval.

Intervals Exercises
1 - 3 Rope pull, sandbag lift
4 - 6 Farmer's walk, towel chinup
7 - 9 Tire flip

Exercise I: Rope Pull

Intervals: 1-3 Reps: Pull for 40 Yards

Perform this exercise outside or on a rubber floor. Attach one end of a long rope to a weighted object (a heavy dumbbell is fine) and grab the other end. Get into an athletic stance and hold the rope with both hands [1]. Begin pulling it by placing one arm over the other [2] until the weight is in front of you. Then walk backward until the rope is elongated again, and repeat. Continue until you have pulled the object 40 yards.