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Hurricane Training: Category V

Exercise II: Sandbag Lift

Intervals: 1-3 Reps: 8

Fill a canvas duffel bag with sand and duct tape it closed. You may want to fill the bag part of the way and stuff it into another bag and tape the outer bag shut to avoid any mess. (At any rate, you should do this exercise outdoors). Place the bag on the floor in front of an elevated surface, such as a tall stack of boxes or a big rock, and squat down in front of it. Grab the top of the bag with an overhand grip, pinching the canvas, not the handles, in your hands [1]. Keeping your lower back in its natural arch, extend your hips and knees and pick the bag up [2] and place it on the surface [3]. Reverse the motion to place the bag back on the floor. That's one rep.