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Lift Big: The Best Assistance Exercises

Our experts share their top assistance exercises to help you break plateaus and hit new personal records.

BIG LIFT FOUR: Overhead Press

> Exercise One: Shoulder "Dislocates"

"This is a basic mobility drill using a dowel or broomstick to improve mobility (circumduction) of the shoulder. It will support and promote a better overhead position."

> Exercise Two: Face Pulls

"Face pulls are great for isolating the rear deltoids and scapular muscles, to activate more deltoid tissue and stabilize the scapulae for joint protection."

- Lee Boyce, CPT and owner of Lee Boyce Training Systems

> Exercise Three: High Rack Lockouts

"High rack lockouts are excellent for triceps strength and lock out strength which is critical for getting that bar overhead and stabilized."

> Exercise Four: Push Presses

"Push Presses are also very good to develop pressing strength. Engaging the strength of the legs to propel the bar overhead is helpful in creating explosive strength for the overhead press."

- Mike Duffy, CPT and owner of Mike Duffy's Personal Training


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