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Magic Mike Star Adam Rodriguez Gets Ripped in Six Weeks

The CSI: Miami star was given six weeks to get in the best shape of his life. Here's how he did it.


The Adam Rodriguez Workout:


15–20 minutes on treadmill at low intensity
20 Burpees
25-50 Sit-ups
50 Bicycles
25 Leg Raises

Chest Workout:

Exercises Sets Reps
Flat Dumbbell press 6 5-10
Incline Barbell press 5 6-12
Flat machine press 3 10-12
Cable Crossover 3 20

One-Hour Cardio

“Adam is an all-around athlete. We want to keep him flexible and functional, so we stretch between sets and really listen to what his body is saying. Some days it’s saying go for the 110s [dumbbells], and some days it’s saying stay with the 85s,” Raymond explains. “[We] have learned how to interpret what his body is saying.”



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