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Mark Wahlberg's Arm Workout

The actor gives us the secret to getting movie-ready biceps.

Ever dream of having your own home gym? Mark Wahlberg did, and now he's living that dream with a fully stocked personal training area where he transforms himself to star in the roles you see him in on the big screen. Men's Fitness, asked him for his technique for building bigger biceps, and he was happy to oblige. 

His workout varies, but this simple plan should have your sleeves getting tighter by the day. No personal gym required. 

Mark Wahlberg's Arm Workout

In this arm workout, Wahlberg performs three sets of each move. Set 1 starts with a heavy weight for 10 reps, Set 2 adds weight for 8 more reps, and in Set 3, he goes for his heaviest weight for 6 additional reps. For example, with dumbbell curls, he will life 45 lbs. in Set 1, 55 lbs. in Set 2 and 65 lbs. in Set 3.

Dumbbell Curl
Standing Curl
Barbell Curl
EZ-bar Curl
Seated Preacher Curl
Seated Isolation Machine Curl


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