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Jack Up and Burn Fat Fast like MMA Fighters with Our MMA Training Routine

Get a six pack and a strong core workout with our mixed martial arts training. This Muay Thai kickboxing routine will get you training tough like the MMA fighters (minus the abuse you’d take from competing against one).

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Muay Thai kickboxing is the premier martial art in Thailand and a major component of any MMA fighter's game. With its combo of devastating punches, kicks, and elbow and knee strikes, it's also great for getting abs. Just look at any Muay Thai fighter's body if you doubt its benefits. The abs these guys develop, both aesthetic and functional, can't be carved in your average health club.

That's why we've put together this authentic Muay Thai ab-building regimen—the same kind you'd see executed in the fight camps of Bangkok today. Follow it for a month, and you'll not only shore up your core, you'll also build the same kind of shredded abdominal muscles you usually see on MMA champions, such as the UFC's welterweight king, Georges St-Pierre ... no bruises required.

Why It Works

Most of the moves in the pages that follow mimic fight techniques, such as throwing a knee strike or defending an attack by clamping your knee and elbow together on one side. They're designed to throw your body off balance, forcing your core muscles to work hard and fi ght the urge to topple over. You'll also hit all the deep core muscles you miss with typical crunches and situps. The result? Abs like a plate of armor, as well as a significant calorie burn and improved endurance.


Target Muscles:

Workout Level:

Perform the workout up to six times per week

Time Needed:
45 minutes

How To Do It:
Complete the exercises as straight sets, resting as needed in between before moving on to the next.

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