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MMA Body: Explosive Rotational Power

The go-to workout for generating deadly kicks and punches.

Building a solid midsection doesn’t come with just doing sit-ups, machine work and definitely not a shake-a-weight. The only “muscular confusion” most people have when it comes to doing abdominals is their confusion in the right food to eat, exercises to choose and how to stay consistent with the two.

At Training for Warriors we have our clients go through workouts that have been used by some of the top fighters in the world. By using functional exercises that work the core from every angle, you will build endurance, rotational power and a washboard stomach.

Even if you never plan on stepping foot in the octagon, by doing this workout you will be more successful during your companies annual softball game, keeping up with your kids, preventing back injury, and scoring chicks at the beach.

Target Muscles: Core
Workout Level: Intermediate-Advance
Frequency: Perform this workout up to five times per week
Time Needed: 15-20 Minutes
How To Do It: Incorporate this workout into your routine or at the end of your workout. Perform up to 3 sets, resting when needed.

Exercise Line Ups

AB Board Med Ball Abdominal Twist 3x8 each side
Feet-Up Crunch and Punch 3x10 each side
Med Ball Throw Against Wall 3x10 each side
Twisting Knee Ups 3x5 each side
Cable Woodchop 3x10 each side

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