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MMA Body: Metabolic Conditioning Routine

This total body workout will test your strength and stamina while taking your conditioning to a whole new level.

Medicine Ball Push-up

Category 3 Hurricane

Perform the following rounds for 3 sets each:

Round 1

1a. Treadmill at 9 mph and 10% grade for 30 seconds

1b. Inverted Row × 10

1c. Diamond Push-up × 10

Round 2

2a. Treadmill at 10 mph and 10% grade for 30 seconds

2b. Barbell Bent-Over Row × 10

2c. Barbell Shoulder Press × 10

Round 3

3a. Treadmill at 11 mph and 10% grade for 30 seconds

3b. Upright Row x 10

3c. Bicep Curl x 10

For even more information on the topic, check out the bible of metabolic training, Warrior Cardio, by the creator of the Training for Warriors system Martin Rooney. With over 400 pages, it outlines the science of Metabolic Training, includes hundreds of exercises and a 12-week workout/diet program to get you in the best shape of your life.



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