Old School Activity Workouts

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Old School Activity Workouts

Work these activities that come with a built-in workout into your routine.
Calories burned: 7 per minute. Sawing burns 9 per minute.

The Work: Chopping and sawing wood were once absolutely necessary skills for shelter and warmth through cold winters in the pioneer days. People even cooked delicious meals over those open fires, fires fueled by countless hours of manly wood chopping. For this and several other reasons, the pioneers were far tougher, grittier and stronger than us, no matter how much we might work out at the gym before going home to our luxurious homes with electricity and indoor plumbing.

Accessibility: Very strong, especially if you live outside a city. A particularly useful task if you’ve got a fireplace and have some trees in the yard that you’ve been meaning to cut down. Cut up a lot and you can even make a decent chunk of money.

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