Old School Activity Workouts

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Old School Activity Workouts

Work these activities that come with a built-in workout into your routine.
Calories burned: 10-11 calories per minute for a five gallon bucket (42 lbs).

The Work: It’s pretty self-explanatory. In the days before indoor plumbing was the standard of living, people used outhouses and got water for drinking, washing and cooking off-site. Whether it was from a well, a spring or a spigot, the water fetcher would have to decide whether to do a bunch of trips with a little water or one or two with a lot. Obviously, the high reps vs. high weight debate has gone on for quite some time.

Accessibility: High, of course, but pretty much unjustifiable in most cases due to modern society’s brilliant network of underground pipes providing running water. Walking with heavy objects can certainly still help you so long as you’re careful doing it, especially if you’re a mover or a prospective World’s Strongest Man competitor.

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