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Outdoor Training: Beach Body on the Beach

This circuit workout will put you on track to forming some quick abs just in time to hit the beach.

It’s hot. It’s summer. It’s crunch time. Literally.

No matter what your physical fitness goals are the throughout the year, by the time June rolls around there is only one thing on your mind—abs. Acquiring a defined midsection is a complicated equation and crunches are only a small part of the solution. By now, I’m sure you’re aware that shredding the layer of fat which covers that stomach is the first step to making abs pop. This can only be done through a combination of interval fat burning cardiovascular exercises and muscle building strength moves. When developing a ripped well-balanced mid section, it’s key to consider the surrounding core muscles which will help improve trim the waist, add support to the lower back and greatly improve overall strength through every limb. The following routine was designed to help achieve your beach body goals at only the most appropriate place; the beach.

*Note this workout can be done barefoot or with shoes and you only need a towel and water.


A nice and easy five-minute jog up the beach to warm things up and get your juices flowing.

Circuit #1

Squat for 30 seconds

Add a jump and hop squat for 30 seconds

Add a push-up to the hop squats and burpee for 60 seconds

Hold push-up plank position on the sand for 30 seconds

Twist your right elbow to the left knee and vice versa for 30 seconds

Total: 3 minutes

Circuit #2

Sprint 30 seconds down beach

Hit the sand and do 20 push-ups

Hold in a right side plank position for 30 seconds, then dip the left hip down until it barely taps the sand and squeeze it up to the sky for 30 seconds (left oblique squeezes)

Sprint 30 seconds back to your starting position

Hit the sand and do 20 push-ups

Hold in a left side plank position for 30 seconds, then dip for 30 seconds (right oblique squeezes)

Total: 4 minutes

See Circuits 3 and 4 >>



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