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Outdoor Training: Beach Body on the Beach

This circuit workout will put you on track to forming some quick abs just in time to hit the beach.

Push-Ups on the Beach

Circuit #3

Squat for 30 seconds

Add a jump and Hop Squat for 30 seconds

Add a push-up to the hop squats and Burpee for 60 seconds

Hold push-up plank position on the sand for 30 seconds

Alternate knees forward and back in a fast mountain climber motion for 30 seconds

Total: 3 minutes

Circuit #4

Crab walks: Sit on sand with feet flat, knees bent and hands behind you, fingers pointing toward you. Lift butt off sand and crab walk backward as fast as you can for 30 seconds, keeping butt lifted and abs pulled in.

Lay down and immediately begin crunching with your knees in the air for 30 seconds. 

Then do a bicycle kick for 30 seconds.

Turn around and crab walk back to your starting point and repeat the abdominal exercises.

Total: 3 minutes

Repeat these four circuits one more time for a full 20-minute routine.

Once you’ve completed each circuit twice, it’s time to isolate the lower back muscles. Hop in the water and do it the old fashioned way: freestyle swim for 3-5 minutes. This will help raise your heart rate while utilizing those core muscles, while simultaneously cooling you off after a long hard workout.

If water just isn’t your thing, lay face down on a towel or blanket and perform isolated swimmer kicks for 2 minutes straight, only resting when you need. 



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