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Six Bodyweight Workouts That Actually Build Muscle

Pack on muscle to your frame with these low-impact routines.


1a. Walking Push-Up 4x20
2a. Wall Push-Up, 4x20
3a. Slow Pull-Up, 4x3
4a. Pull-Up, 4x10
5a. Inverted Row, Towel Grip, 4x8
Rest: as needed

1b. Pike Push-Up, 4x10
2b. Push-Back Push-Up, 4x20
3b. Slow Chin-Up, 4x10
4b. Slow Dip, 4x15
Rest: as needed

1c. Jump Squat, 4x20
2c. Slow Bodyweight Squat, 4x20
3c. Super-Slow Crunch, 4x12
4c. Hanging Leg Raise, 4x12
Rest: as needed

VIDEO: Six-Pack Plank Variations>>>

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-- Anton Antipov, CPT



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