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Six Bodyweight Workouts That Actually Build Muscle

Pack on muscle to your frame with these low-impact routines.


1a. Chin-ups w/ negatives - Max reps + 2 slow negatives x 3-4 sets
2a. Slow Negative Push-ups – 12 x 3-4 sets
3a. Bulgarian Split Squat – 15/per leg x 3-4 sets

1b. Dips – Max Reps + 2 slow negatives w/ cheat x 3-4 sets
2b. Inverted supine rows – 10 x 3-4 sets
3b. Single Leg Hip Extension (Back and Foot Elevated) – 12 x 3-4 sets

1c. Close Grip Push ups – 10/arm x 3-4 sets
2c. Reverse Lateral Lunge (45 deg) –  15/leg x 3-4 sets
3c. Modified Handstand Push-up (feet supported on bench in pike position) – 10 x 3-4 sets

1d. Bodyweight Bicep Curls + negatives – 10 +2 x 3-4 sets
2d. Bodyweight overhead Tricep Extensions + negatives – 8 + 2 x 3-4 sets

1e. Windshield wipers – 15/side x 3-4 sets
2e. Long lever plank – 30 sec x 3-4 sets
3e. Alternating V ups – 15/side x 3 sets

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-- David Larson, CSCS



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