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Six Bodyweight Workouts That Actually Build Muscle

Pack on muscle to your frame with these low-impact routines.


Circuit A
5 sets

1a) wide grip pull ups x 8
2a) plyo push ups x 10
3a) squat jumps x 15
4a) ab saws x 20

Circuit B
5 Sets

1b) dips x 15
2b) neutral grip pull ups x 10
3b) rear foot elevated spilt squats x 15/side
4b) hanging knee ups x 15

Circuit C
5 Sets

1c) inverted rows (smith machine) x 10
2c) spider man push ups x 10/side
3c) single leg glute thrust x 15/side
4c) jack knives x 20

-- Joseph Vega, MSPT, CSCS



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