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Six Exercises To Prep You For the Paddleboard

Fit bikini-clad women love it and it’s guaranteed to give you a six-pack—so why haven’t you tried stand up paddleboarding yet? These simple exercises will prep your body for the board.

Kneeling Pulldown to Triceps Press
—Kneel on the ground facing a resistance bar, and straighten your spine so it’s perpendicular to the ground. Don’t tuck your chin.
—Extend your arms overhead and grab onto the cable bar.
—Pull the cable all the way down until your hands are in front of your chest and your elbows are tucked next to your sides.
—Continue pushing the bar straight down until your arms are fully extended out.

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Suggested Reps: Choose a resistance that allows you to do 20-30 reps.

Mims says: “It’s important to build up the strength you need to pull your body onto the board. This move will do that.”

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