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Six Exercises To Prep You For the Paddleboard

Fit bikini-clad women love it and it’s guaranteed to give you a six-pack—so why haven’t you tried stand up paddleboarding yet? These simple exercises will prep your body for the board.

Swiss Iso Twist
—Facing perpendicular to the resistance cables, straddle a Swiss ball in a wide kneeling position.
—Keeping your back perpendicular to the ground, without rotating your hips or torso, extend your arms toward the resistance and grab the cable with both hands.
—Tighten your core and extend your arms as you hold the cable. Swing your arms across your body to the opposite side.

Suggested Reps: Start with 5; add two more reps each following week.

Mims says: “This move is advanced, so don’t get discouraged if you struggle at first. It helps strengthen your core so you’ll feel comfortable on the board.”

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