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Six Exercises To Prep You For the Paddleboard

Fit bikini-clad women love it and it’s guaranteed to give you a six-pack—so why haven’t you tried stand up paddleboarding yet? These simple exercises will prep your body for the board.

Bosu Paddle Swim
—Facing the resistance, stand on the bosu ball with knees bent and abs tight.
—Extend arms forward and grab cable bar. Hold it perpendicular to the ground and place one hand on the top and the other.
—Keeping your arms extended, make a paddling motion and pull the cable down toward one hip.
—Do the same thing toward the other hip.

Suggested Reps: Start with 30-60, increasing intensity each week.

Mims says: “Your arms and core are utilized so much when you SUP. This will strengthen both.”

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