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The Superhero Workout

Develop the body of your favorite comic-book superhero with the web-exclusive, extended workout

As The Incredible Hulk rages into theaters next month, we thought we'd show you how to hulk up your own chest and shoulders. We also put together some lifts, tips, and drills for getting Wolverine's forearms, the Flash's speed, and Spider-Man's agility. Improve your physique, gain strength and athleticism, and become a hero yourself.

Chest and Shoulders Like The Hulk

Bruce Banner didn't have to hit the gym before throwing tanks across town and crushing cars between his palms. He simply got irradiated. It's not that easy for the rest of us. Do these moves from MF training adviser Jason Ferruggia to build a gigantic chest and shoulders.

Chest: Gymnastics Flyes
"Gymnasts have tremendous pectoral development," says Ferruggia, who suggests modifying the old-school dumbbell fl y with gymnastics rings for a better chest workout. Lifeline USA Jungle Gym makes a good pair (get them at, or use blast straps ( as shown here. Set up a barbell high in a power rack and loop the straps around it, letting them hang slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Grab them, keeping your body tense in a straight line, and lower your torso down by widening your arms as far as is comfortable [1]. Reverse the motion until your arms are out in front of you [2]. Perform two sets of as many reps as possible as the last chest exercise in your workout, resting two minutes between sets.

Shoulders: Hang Clean and Press
Grab a barbell overhand at shoulder width. Keep your back fl at and lower it to knee level [1]. Straighten, shrug up, and come up on the balls of your feet. Then, flip your wrists over [2], and press the weight straight overhead [3]. Reverse the motion to return to the starting position. That's one rep. Do one set of six to eight reps, rest 90-120 seconds, and then use a lighter load for a second set of 10-20 reps.




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