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The Superhero Workout

Develop the body of your favorite comic-book hero with the web-exclusive, extended workout.

Speed Like The Flash

To build blink-and-you'll-miss-me speed, increase your power and improve your running form. Patrick Beith, a speed and performance expert in North Attleboro, Mass., shows you how (red bodysuit not required).

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The A Skip

Teach your foot to drive straight down and land underneath your hips properly: Bring your right knee up in a skipping action, so your left leg is hopping [1]. As soon as your right heel clears your left knee, drive the right leg down in a "piston"-like action. [2]. You should land on the ball of your foot. Each hop is only a couple of inches off the ground. As your right leg drives down, your left arm should also be going down and vice versa. Keep your torso tall and straight. Do this for 15 yards. That's one set. Perform three sets at an easy pace.



Pistol Squat

"Strength equals speed," says Beith, so make this move a part of your lifting routine. Stand on one leg and raise the other in front of you as high as you can [1]. Keep your lower back as straight as possible and your torso upright. Squat down as low as you can on one leg [2]. Then return to the starting position. (Stand in front of a wall to use for support if you need it.) That's one rep. Perform three sets of 10 reps on each leg, resting three minutes between sets.


Hill Sprints


Find a hill or other surface that's inclined approximately 15 degrees-you want to sense resistance when you sprint it, but it shouldn't feel like you're climbing a mountain. Sprint up the incline for 25 yards, and then walk back down, resting for two minutes. That's one set. Perform eight sets. "This teaches you to apply greater force to the ground while running as fast as you can," says Beith.




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