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Get Big: Supersize Your Thighs

As the popular internet meme tell us, "Friends don't let friends skip leg day." Use squats and cycling to build your lower body in only 10 minutes.

In the sport of track cycling, athletes possess gigantic quads and hamstrings and can pedal at more than 50 miles per hour. If your legs are lacking, training like a cyclist by alternating bike sprints and squats will bring them up to size—fast. We asked Gibby Hatton, the 2011 World Masters Sprint Champion, for the leg workout he uses with the track cyclists he coaches.


Frequency: The program has two four-week phases. In Weeks 1–4, you’ll do three workouts per week (Mon., Wed., and Fri.). In Weeks 5–8, you’ll perform just two workouts (Tues. and Fri.).

How to Do It: Alternate sets of “1a” and “1b” (below). So you’ll squat, then immediately go to the bike and sprint, then rest 90 seconds. For the first four weeks, do two sets of 10 reps on the squat using 75% of the heaviest load you can lift for one rep. Perform 60-second sprints at roughly 80% of your best effort. In Weeks 5–8, do four sets of six reps using 85% on the squat paired with 60-second bike sprints at 80%.

1a: Squat

Grasp the bar outside shoulder width and pull your shoulder blades together. Dip under the bar and raise it off the supports of the squat rack so it rests on your traps or rear delts. Step back and set your feet at shoulder width. Take a deep breath and push your hips back to lower your body as far as you can. Explode up.

1b. Stationary Bike Sprint

Adjust the bike seat so your knees are slightly bent when you are sitting. Strap your feet in. Pedal as hard as you can maintain for 60 seconds straight.

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