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The 2-in-1 Kettlebell Leg Workout

Strength or conditioning? One kettlebell routine that hits all your goals.

If you're comfortable with your usual leg routine, you could be missing out on some big-time gains, whether it be in strength or endurance. When you're looking for something other than the traditional squat, leg press and lunges, it's time to hit the kettlebells. We asked Mike Stehle, owner and trainer at Training Room Online for one of his secret 2-in-1 workout routine to leave your quads and hams screaming.

Workout One: STRENGTH

If your priorities are brute strength and muscle growth, complete three to five rounds of this routine with two minutes rest in between exercises to facilitate effective recovery.

Beginner athletes: Perform five repetitions per exercise.
Intermediate to advanced athletes: Perform 8-12 repetitions.

Exercise One: Kettlebell Deadlift
Exercise Two: Kettlebell High Pull to Squat
Exercise Three: Two-Handed Swing
Exercise Four: Threaded Kettlebell Lunge
Exercise Five: Traveling Swings Forward
Exercise Six: Traveling Swings Backward
Exercise Seven: Side-Stepping Swings

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