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The 8-Week Fitness Transformassacre: PART II

The second installment of the Men's Fitness body transformation begins, this time with a new victim.
Nate Millado

The Transformassacre is back! You probably remember Charlie Romano, our Sr. Marketing Manager and his 8-week bout with a new diet regimen and hardcore training program devised by trainer Dan Trink of Peak Performance NYC and TrinkFitness. This time around we've got a new victim, a new trainer, but the same exact level of intensity and expectations for success. Shaun Myers, is a Digital Sales Planner at,, and He will be paired with Rob Sulaver C.S.C.S , trainer at Peak Performance NYC and founder of for "The Transformassacre Part II". Shuan's mental grit will be tested as Rob will attempt to scrape off as much body fat and pack on as much lean muscle mass in just eight weeks.

*The Transformassacre was conceptualized, written, and produced by HUMANFITPROJECT in conjuction with Men's Fitness.

Meet Shaun Myers

Digital Sales Planner, Men’s Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, Muscle & Fitness Hers and Flex magazines.

Current Vitals
Age: 24
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 153 lbs.
Body Fat: 19.4%

See more before photos of Shaun >>

Meet Rob Sulaver

Personal Trainer/Strength and Conditioning Specialist at Peak Performance NYC.

Trainer, writer, coach and fitness connoisseur Rob Sulaver owns and operates Bandana Training with equal parts smarts and smartassery. His training, nutrition and lifestyle advice is full of intelligence and humor—a welcomed marriage in an industry made up of all-too-serious scientists and model-turned-trainer-turned-bloggers. Rob's smart, jocular approach to being a (self-proclaimed) dumb jock underscores what Bandana Training is all about—taking care of yourself is vitally important and virally amusing. For more info on Rob, check out






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