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The Abdominal Trifecta Workouts

Three routines and three planes of motion to cover all of your ab training angles.


Perform 3-5 sets of 12-15 reps with no breaks.

Weighted Swiss Ball Crunches
Kneeling Ab Wheel Roll Outs
Standing Anti-Rotation Press (5-second holds per rep)


Weighted Swiss Ball Crunch
Lay on your back on an exercise ball. Hold a dumbbell on your chest and crunch up.

Kneeling Ab Wheel Roll Out
Kneel on a mat while holding an ab wheel. Roll forward while keeping a tight torso. Bring your hips forward as your arms reach away from you. Pull back by contracting your abs.

Standing Anti-Rotation Press
Stand perpendicular to an adjustable cable stack. Bring the handle toward your stomach and stand with your feet hip width apart. Press the handle forward and resist the urge to rotate toward the cable stack. Hold for 5 seconds. Return the handle back to your stomach and repeat.

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