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The Better Sex Conditioning Circuit

Get your muscles ready for what's coming after Valentine's Day dinner.

The Exercises

-Perform as many reps of each exercises as you can in 60 seconds on a bed
-Do not rest between protocols
-Repeat as many times as possible
-Refrain from taking any water breaks

1. Push Up:
Basic push-ups will train for strength and increase muscle endurance. The chest muscles are the focus of the push-up and include the pectorals. Strong, dense pectorals will aid in supporting you during the standard missionary position. Assisting throughout this movement are the triceps and deltoids, which trained properly will stabilize your body for proper form when you're on top.

2. Elevator Lifts:
Taking your body from the standard push-up position, quickly and forcefully lower you body to a plank position in which your elbows now take the place of your hands. Then, in one swift motion, replace your hands where your elbows rested and repeat as fast as possible. This protocol develops core and posterior strength.

3. Rip Cords:
As you lift you body back to the standard push-up position, quickly drive your right knee across the mid-line of your core. Then, as soon as your right foot retracts back to its original position, forcefully drive your left in the same manner across the mid-line of your core. Repeat as many times as possibly for 60 seconds. This will pump your lower extremities into exhaustion and drive your testosterone into high gear.

4. Body Rocks:
Begin by sitting on the bed with your legs extended in front of you and your arms resting at your sides. Support your upper body on your palms with your fingers pointing behind you, and raise your hips and bend your knees until your feet are flat on the bed (like you're about to do a crab walk). Then, in one forceful action, drive pressure into your hands and feet. Straighten your elbows and drive your hips and chest up toward the ceiling in order to form a straight line, making your body appear like a table. Hold the position and squeeze your glutes. Retract, and forcefully repeat.

5. Body Rock Reachers:
Elevate your body into the table top position and hold. I recommend contracting your glutes for as long as possible throughout this protocol. (You never know when you hit climax before your partner and will need the extra staying power to ring their bell!) In the heightened table top position, forcefully punch towards the ceiling with your right hand. Then, retract and repeat with your left. Perform this protocol for as many times as possible in order to develop stamina and core strength.


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