The Fall-Sports Training Guide

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The Fall-Sports Training Guide

Tweak your routine for peak performance in football, basketball, hockey, and soccer.

You don't lift weights four days a week and spend $50 a month on protein powder just to get picked last for teams. When you hit the field, court, or rink this fall, you fully intend to be the fastest, strongest, most durable guy out there. Sure, it's not the Olympics, but you still want to be the best you can—even if it's just a pickup game on Saturdays. Nevertheless, chances are no matter how many hours you spend in the gym, your current routine isn't making you any more athletic. Until now.

You're strong, yes—but can you move? Even if you can run three miles on the treadmill, how will your wind be in the fourth quarter, when the team is down by a touchdown and the QB is looking for you in the end zone? With a few easy tweaks, you can turn your training into a combine that preps you for glory this fall no matter what your sport—basketball, football, hockey, or soccer. Best of all, you'll still be burning the fat and building the muscle you need to look like a gladiator all year long. Just follow the Fall-Sports Training Guide.

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