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The Greatest Glute Workout

Develop more strength and power in one of the most neglected body parts.

Wondering why your deadlift and squat numbers continue to dwindle? You could be neglecting to train a key body part of the equation, the glutes. Instead of expecting to load up the rack every training session, try this workout 1-2 days per week for 2-3 weeks then return to your traditional training, you'll be amazed with the strength gains you'll see after focusing heavily on this specific region. Beware: Sitting down and getting up could be painful.

The Power Glute Workout

Deadlift Sets:5 Reps:5 Rest:120 sec.


Squats Sets:3 Reps:5 Rest:120 sec.


Dumbbell Step Up Sets:4 Reps:8-10 Rest:60 sec.


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