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The Idiot's Guide to Getting Strong Routine

This foolproof program will get you bigger — and stronger — in just 10 weeks.

Day I Part II

Power Good Morning

Sets: 2-3, Reps: 8-10

Set up as you did for the squat. Begin squatting down—when you are about a quarter of the way down, start bending at the hips as if you were trying to lower only your chest to the floor (as in a good morning). You must keep your lower back arched at all times. Once you’ve lowered yourself into a half squat with your torso almost parallel to the floor, reverse the motion and return to the original starting position. Combination Punch ● The power good morning works the glutes and hamstrings hard; you need them more than your quads to squat big weights.


Day 1 Part III

Leg Press (Not Shown)

Sets: 2-3, Reps: 8-10

Use the leg press machine and lower your thighs toward your chest until your knees are bent about 90 degrees. Make sure you maintain a natural curve in your lower back throughout the set.

Day 1 Part IV

Stepup (Not Shown)

Sets: 2-3, Reps: 8-10

Stand in front of a bench with a dumbbell in each hand. Place one foot on the bench so that your knee is bent 90 degrees. Drive your heel into the bench and raise yourself up so that you’re standing on the bench with your rear foot hanging off it. Complete all your reps on one leg and then switch legs and repeat.




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