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The Keg Workout

Build strength and conditioning with this fun and unconventional approach

Keg training is a scientifically solid method widely used by college athletes and strongmen to build strength and conditioning with a fun, unconventional workout.

Why it Works
The odd shape of the keg forces your body to stabilize itself while you're lifting, a skill you don't develop as well just training with barbells and dumbbells. The edges of the keg also challenge your grip. The effect of wrestling the keg through the moves mimics the resistance you get from opponents in sports such as (you guessed it) wrestling, football, and mixed martial arts. After a few workouts, try adding a little water to the keg for greater difficulty. Sloshing the water around inside will make the keg even more difficult to control, as well as helping to increase its weight.

Use an empty keg and follow the exercises in the order shown. Perform four sets of 10-15 reps for each exercise, completing all the sets for one move before moving on to the next. Rest 60 seconds between sets. You can do the workout whenever you have a keg and want to add variety to your training.


Grab the top and bottom of the keg and take a wide stance. Keeping your lower back arched, swing the keg back between your legs and then explosively heave it up overhead. Keep your arms straight throughout.

2.) CURL

Hold the keg as you did for the snatch and stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Keeping your upper arms against your sides, curl it as you would a barbell.


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