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The Rock Hard Challenge 2013 Workout Month 1

Get maximum results in minimum time with part one of our eight-week body transformation plan.

Specialty Techniques

In part 1 of the rock hard challenge, you’ll incorporate the following techniques each week. these strategies help support your goals of maintaining or building muscle mass while shedding fat.

Intensity Set

What it is: a superset that includes an exercise for the targeted body part and a leg exercise that ac- celerates your heart rate.
What you’ll do: perform the move that hits your target muscle group, then follow it immediately with a lower-body move that jacks up your heart rate. after you complete a set, rest for as little time as possible. choose light weights. after you finish all four intensity sets, take a short rest before moving on to your next exercise.
Benefits: you’re using an- aerobic moves for cardio and fat-burning benefits.

Steady-State Cardio

What it is: treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical, or stair-climbing work per- formed at a comfortable rate. you should break a sweat but be able to talk to someone next to you throughout.

What you’ll do: at the end of your weight-training workouts twice a week, you’ll drink your post- workout shake before do- ing 30 minutes of cardio.

Benefits: compared with other fat-burning techniques, steady- state cardio is easier to perform, and it keeps your metabolism elevated.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

What it is: this form of cardio work includes intense 60- to 90-second intervals followed by 2–3 minutes of easier work.

What you’ll do: after a few minutes of warming up at an easy pace, you’ll increase the intensity to aperceived exertion level of about 9. maintain this for 60–90 seconds, then slow down to an easy pace for a few minutes, allowing your heart rate to come down so you’re ready to perform another intensity interval. in total, perform at least three intervals, working up to five by the end of four weeks. these workouts shouldn’t be long—you should be able to complete this work in 20 minutes or less.

Benefits: research shows that HIIT sessions burn body fat more effectively than other forms of cardio. intensity intervals also have a profound effect on your metabolic rate, burning more body fat in the hours following your workouts.

Burnout Set

What it is: a high-rep set performed as the last set that targets a particular body part.

What you’ll do: choose a relatively light weight that allows you to get a deep contraction in the target muscle—not one that makes you use other muscles to lift it.

Benefits: burnout sets encourage growth by forc- ing as much blood as you can into the muscles.

Rest Day

What it is: well, you know what this is—a day where you don’t go to the gym.

What you’ll do: follow your diet plan but take it easy otherwise. you can rearrange your workouts so rest days fit your schedule better, but take two rest days each week.

Benefits: rest prevents muscle breakdown.

Training Split

Below is the schedule you’ll follow for the first four weeks. See above for descriptions of each intensity technique.

Day Body Part Specialty
1 Legs, abs Steady-Rate Cardio
2 Chest, Triceps Intensity Sets
3   HIIT Cardio
4 Back, biceps, abs Intensity Sets
5 Shoulders, Calves, Forearms HIIT Cardio
6   Rest
7   Rest



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