You probably already think of training hard as a good time. Otherwise, you wouldn’t read this magazine. Still, doing the same exercises for predetermined sets and reps (3x10, 5x5, etc.), as you likely always have, can get a little old. That’s why we’re shaking things up this month so that you can get stronger and burn fat for beach-ready abs with workouts that are less predictable and a lot more exciting. Grab a deck of cards and get ready to play. HOW IT WORKS: Each session begins with a heavy strength exercise that you’ll add weight to every week. By the end of four weeks, you’ll likely break your previous records on these lifts and be at your absolute strongest. From there, you’ll pull out a deck of cards and perform exercises based on each suit. The suit will determine the type of exercise while the value of the card will determine your reps. Shuffle the deck and deal yourself a workout one card at a time. It may seem unscientific, but it’s a fun way to jack up your metabolism and improve your conditioning. DIRECTIONS: FREQUENCY: Perform each workout (Day I, II, and III) once per week, resting at least a day between each session.

TIME NEEDED: 35 minutes HOW TO DO IT: For the first exercise in each session, work up to your max weight as directed. For the remaining exercises, use a deck of cards. Each suit will represent a different exercise. The exercises will change each workout (we’ve prescribed some here, but also included lists of options so you can challenge yourself accordingly—whichever moves you choose, stick with them for the month). Hearts are ab moves, diamonds are pulls, spades represent pushing exercises, and clubs are always rope jumping. Simply draw one card at a time and perform the exercise that corresponds with the suit for the number of reps on the card. Rest as little as necessary and continue until you’ve completed the deck. See the table below for the value of each card. If you can’t perform an exercise for the specified reps, do as many as you can, rest, and repeat until you finish. For example, if on Day I you draw a five of diamonds, you’ll do five assisted chinups. Next, you may draw a queen of hearts, and you’ll do 12 V-situps. For the clubs suit, you’ll perform rope jumping and multiply the value of the card by 10. So if you draw a six of clubs, you’ll complete 60 turns of the rope. Day I - Part 1

Day I - Part II

Day 1 - Part III
Day 2 - Part I

Day 2 - Part II

Day 2 - Part III

Day 3 - Part I

Day 3 - Part II

Day 3 - Part III