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Three Ways to Build a Bigger Chest

Pump up your pecs by keeping these three rules in mind.

Roundtable Perfect Form

Our expert panel tells you what mistakes to avoid.

“You’re doing it wrong.” It’s the last thing you want to hear in the gym, but chances are it’s true. See if you’re making these mistakes.

➔ “Jerking the bar off the ground with your arms on power cleans. The bar ends up floating out away from your body and causing lower-back injury. Start with your hips below your shoulders, chest up, and push through the feet.”

Joe Kenn Strength coach for the Carolina Panthers,

➔ “Lowering your body too quickly to the floor on a lunge and letting your chest fall forward. This results in bad posture and can strain the lead leg.”

Clay Birwel, trainer in new York City,

➔ “Not fully extending the arms on a pull-up. This is pure cheating and won’t help you get better at full range pull-ups. Start every rep from a dead hang.”

Steve Cotter, President of the international Kettlebell and Fitness Federation,



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