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Three Ways to Get 'Dad Strength'

The workouts that will help you keep up with all the joys (and terrors) of fatherhood.

What you'll be doing as a dad

Holding your baby in a standing position for long periods of time, often while pacing back and forth as he or she screams in your ear; leaning over changing tables for diapering and dressing.

What you need to build

Your lower back. Generally the most neglected body-part in the average dude's workout, those erector spinae muscles will be crucial for all the lifting and bending.

Do this

Back extensions. If they're not already part of your fitness routine, start very slowly. Try 3 sets of 8 reps on a back-extension bench, and once you feel comfortable with that, add reps, or try it while hugging a 25-pound plate to your chest.




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